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Mini Contact card for Munotida Chinyanga

an anti-disciplinary artist that does a lot of international work?

Munotida Chinyanga is a multidisciplinary practitioner creating work through Direction and Sound Design. She has a Masters in Theatre Arts focusing on Multidisciplinary practices, Sonic Art and International Collaboration. She has worked at venues such as; The Young Vic, The Gate Theatre (A Small Place, 2018), Pleasance Theatre (Ali and Dahlia, 2019), and the Oxford Northwall.


International work includes Creative Europe residences in Serbia (2016), France (2017) and Malta (2017). Her residencies usually focus on how theatre/ performance and sonic art can facilitate the making or bringing together of a community, especially in environments that do not have a constant connection to the arts. Munotida has also directed productions and delivered masterclasses at Teatro India, The National Theatre of Rome and Teatro di Akrai, The National Institute of Ancient Drama, Sicily.  At the National Theatre of Rome, she worked on ways we can mediate dialogue that is cross cultural creating both sonic and performative experiences for audiences.


Munotida has also produce work for the Republic of China and South Korea as part of the 2019 YIYUAN TANG Museum & Foundation in China. In China, she worked with the community in Chongming to explore the history of several abandoned areas, including a mooncake factory and created performances with the elderly community investigating memories and the future as well as collaborating with visual artists to merge the two disciplines.


In 2019, Munotida was assistant director to Kwame Kwei-Armah (Artistic Director of the Young Vic) on Tree, an immersive theatrical experience created with Idris Elba, premiering at Manchester’s International Festival and then performed at the Young Vic theatre. 



Sound designer on CUTTIN IT at the Royal Exchange Theatre of Manchester, directed by Nickie Miles-Wildin.

Sound designer on After Mrs Rochester at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, directed by Angie Langfield.
As part of the British Council Theatre and Dance, Munotida has participated in the IETM RIEJKA 2019 and will attend Outside the Box QATAR 2020.

She is also associate lecturer at Central Saint Martin for BA Performance: Design and Practice and Associate Artist at Middlesex University.

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Munotida Chinyanga's online biography


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